Pentatonix Beautifully Covers Hallelujah

Everyone is struggling to hold back tears with Pentanonix’s brand new version of “Hallelujah.”

Guest post by Marsha Gillis @ Faith Tap 

They most certainly have worked their a capella magic once again! “Hallelujah” was originally written by Leonard Cohen in 1984. Surprisingly it achieved little success initially until it was covered by Jeff Buckley. Since being made popular by him, the song has over 300 known covered versions from various singers and even featured in the film Shrek. And now Pentatonix brings their talent to cover it once again and they certainly do not disappoint!

Pentatonix themselves have achieved overwhelming musical success since forming in 2011. The won the third season of “The Sing Off” on NBC, that victory earned them $200,000 and a recording contract with Sony Music. To date they have over 11 million YouTube subscribers and more than 1.54 billion total views. They are currently the 13th most subscribed channel with the 44th most subscribed overall.

Pentatonix began with friends who grew up together in Texas that all have a passion for music. But what makes them so incredibly unique is that they perform with no instruments at all. They create all their sound a cappella and amaze listeners with not only their talented singing voices but also the background “music” that works together so beautifully to create mesmerizing harmonies. And the proof of their talent and success is shown with more than 2.8 million albums sold, not to mention their multiple Grammy awards and sold out venues wherever they perform. Just sit back and listen as they sing “Hallelujah.”

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