Prayer for Suicidal Thoughts

A Prayer for Fighting Suicidal Thoughts

My 19 year old neighbor stumbled across the street to see me this morning shortly after I opened my garage door at 7:00 am.  His demeanor was off, his head was down,  and I immediately sensed that he was high on something. 
He slurred a “Hi” to which I responded “Good morning. How are you? What’s going on?” He told me that he had dropped 10 tabs of acid, had been up all night and was contemplating suicide.

My immediate thought was to grab his hand and place my hand on his forehead and pray. But I didn’t do that. And I regret it.  After he went home, I came to my senses and was appalled at my inaction.  This was a cry for help that he trusted me with and I did not respond! I actually enabled him in his weakness. 

I asked the Lord to please forgive me.  Then the Holy Spirit told me it was not too late and to find a Prayer to pray for him that covered suicide. 

I prayed this prayer for my neighbor. Then I sent it to him in a text with a note saying that I prayed it for him and invited him to pray it with me.  I apologized to him for enabling him and asked him to come talk to me later.   I know that God will grant me another opportunity to pray over him and to sow goodness and hope into this young man.  

Have you ever had that experience?  Maybe you will in the future. I pray that you are able to be vigilant and steadfast in the face of it and not falter like I did. God is true and His Word works and He always answers prayer. He is a forgiving God and honors obedience.  

He has been dealing with me about obedience and this was one of my many ultimate tests – to be obedient. I failed again in that moment. But God did not let me stay there in failure and defeat. 

The Holy Spirit told me what to do and I obeyed! Be encouraged and be obedient.  Praise the Lord!

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